About Me

Hi there! I'm Abigail, the writer behind Snug, pleased to meet you! 

I'm a country girl at heart who currently resides in South West London in a little cabin with my boyfriend and a cat for company. I'm always making my way back to my homeland of Norfolk, so a lot of what you see here is a patchwork of the familiar flat fields of home and explorations and excursions of my London life.

I'm a lover of stories, big and small. I have a tendency for nostalgia and frequently lose minutes daydreaming. I'm just a little obsessed with the overlooked or forgotten elements of history, which often causes me to search for tangible links to the past. Old books, country estates, abandoned postcards in charity shops, or mapping fashion changes through the centuries. I love it all!

I've always (sporadically!) kept a diary, memory box, or scrapbook, and Snug is a collection of all three! Here I document my thoughts, loves, musings, aspirations and inspirations. I'm thrilled to have you around!
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