We Made the Move to Yorkshire!

Hi there! Are you receiving from Yorkshire? You are?! Great!

I made it! Not without a few bumps along the way, but alas, I am here! In my last post I mentioned that the packing was a slow process, but you know what? It turned from a slow process to a 'OH MY GOD WE CAN'T FIT EVERYTHING IN THE VAN YOU HAVE TO CHOOSE WHAT TO LEAVE BEHIND!' process. My potted plants didn't make it. My cake stand didn't make it. My oven gloves didn't make it. I am using a tea towel to get things out of the oven and everyone knows that is DICING WITH DEATH!

It's not all bad, as the remaining bits are being driven up in a few weeks time when my chap joins me in our swanky new pad. Speaking of the pad... it's huge! Well, it's not that huge, but when you've come from a majorly over-priced bedroom in South London with six people sharing a tiny kitchen and one bathroom, a place to your own feels positively palatial. Our flat is in a converted Georgian house, and after referring to my backlog of period dramas and Joe's architecture knowledge, we've established that our entire flat is made up of the house's original drawing room. You know, the place where the maid puts you before the Lady of the house skims down the stairs; cheeks freshly pinched to greet you. That said, we have enough room to swing a cat, which is great considering we couldn't swing a hamster before.


Thoughts on Leaving London

So, it's happening guys. I'm currently sat in a half-packed room, severely lamenting the amount of bunting I decided to put up when we first moved into this flat. Seriously though, what goes up must come down and in this case it's MILES AND MILES OF TINY FLAGS. I was for sure over-keen to use the sewing machine I got for my birthday last year...

It's a slow process but it's happening, in between lesson planning, coffee, standing outside momentarily in the sunshine, chucking out miscellaneous receipts, chasing next doors cat out from under the bed, sticking things in my scrapbook and willing my tomatoes to ripen every couple of hours.

Remember when I posted this, about being in love with my tiny garden and the fruit and veg I've been growing in tubs? Well, it's backlash central here in South London, as all my raspberries, strawberries and tomatoes have decided to wait until moving week to ripen. I am doing sun dances. I am checking the dampness of soil on the hour. Essentially, I have turned into a mad harvest woman. More to the point, I am not prepared to carry a half ripened raspberry bush on my lap all the way to Yorkshire...


Why You Should Plan Your Next Trip to Lisbon

In the past couple of years, organising gatherings amongst my friends from Norfolk has become a challenging process. Not challenging in a bad way, but challenging in that they've decided to live all over Europe and so popping over to see each other isn't quite the 'see you for coffee in half an hour' that it used to be. Last year saw me visiting my enviably clever friend Marol as she completed a masters in Warsaw and the tres chic Fran in Paris, where we ate and drank our way through each day in a lackadaisical, and arguably very French fashion.

Sure, we're only ever together for a few days every few months and it takes a bit more planning and budgeting than usual, but there's nothing quite like having your gal pals next to you when you're exploring somewhere new and talking a-mile-a-minute in the process. This time we tried to find somewhere to meet in the middle, between London, Leeds, Norwich, Paris, Barcelona and Nottingham. Lisbon, being uncharted territory for all of us, came out on top.

After a very early coach trip and lots of talk about how many custard tarts we were going to eat when we landed, we arrived at our AirBnb. It was cool, open plan and very grown-up. Naturally, the first thing we did was put all the mattresses in one room to make a giant bed, so all six of us could sleep alongside each other. #adulting

In a similar vein to what I've done before, here's my break down of the trip. I'm saving Sintra and Belem for their own posts because a custard tart factory and fairytale mountain castles deserve a post of their own. Here we go!

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